How 2 Cope Through Journaling

Hey everyone,Its been awhile,However Its been a journey for me.

I’m sure I have lost many followers,However,I am determined to move on and gain new one’s.

Today, I will discuss how journaling has helped me to cope with things and how it can help you to cope with everything going on in your life as well.

I will do the bullet point method so that,you can read quickly and grasp the concept easily,ok.

Let’s begin….

☺Journaling is a great way to have that special,dreamy friend but that friend is your notebook,diary or journal.Whatever, you like to call, it is fine.

☺To journal you don’t need a teacher or know any special writing technique to write.You just write whatever,comes through your mind;simple as that.

☺Do not worry about what someone may feel or say,grammar,etc. This is your special uncensored place. To feel your truth.

☺Writing is like talking to god (those that are spiritual). I have hundreds of diaries or journals. Sometimes,I write for days ;sometimes non at all for weeks or months. And guess what? That is ok.

🤗Journaling is totally all therapeutic.

Sometimes,I read what I write,sometimes I dont.

😇Journaling is healing,de-stressor for the brain and helps release your brain from thoughts you would normally try to force yourself to remember.

I have a notebook or journal with a smooth writing pen,everywhere.

📖I have one in my bed

📖I have one in the bathroom

📖I have one in the kitchen

📖I have One on my table

📖I carry one in my backpack or bag

📃I do this so I don’t forget and try to force myself to remember things,I know for certain I would. And I do it to take care of my brain that we often times overly use.

📃Also, some journals I do not complete. I don’t complete certain journals because I feel that particular phase or moment has ended and that’s that.

📃✒Honestly, I use to feel obligated to complete a journal. No! If you feel you are done and would like to close that chapter within that journal;feel free to do so,no pressure.

✒Happy #journaling n healing☺

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Until next time,keep writing🤗


😉 My story…                   The Journey of My Soul

☺Hello, and welcome new n current followers to my wordpress blog:

 The Writers Healing Room:

 I have been gone for a few months due to Emergency surgery. 

We will chat about that on my next 

Blog. However, for those that don’t know …

I am author, Sharnetha Roberson

Of the poectic expressions book, The Journey Of My Soul… I wrote this book in 2004 while pregnant with my first born. 

My purpose for writing my book was to express poetically the pain I was going through living with major Depressive Illness, anxiety n trauma. And to let others know their not alone. 

Since writing this book over 13 years ago my illness has evolved and I have been given several diagnoses. 

My mental health has also affected my physical health as well. 

To know more about me and my journey towards wellness feel free to follow this blog the writers healing room and I am also available on

Instagram: @Sharn_newyork_strong2017

Excerpt from my 2004 debut book, 

“The Journey Of My Soul”



“Comfort Zone”

I hide myself beneath the covers of my bed. 

Iam safe here. 

I lay here all day in a fetal position

Wishing my emotional pain would go away. 

The pain never leaves because I always give “it” permission to stay. 

I don’t want to always live my life this way. 

I do not make the rules though

A chemical in my brain does. 

My body and mind feels like dead, raw meat that contains poison. 

No life to give to myself

No life to give to others. 

©2004 Sharnetha Roberson

I would really love to hear from my followers… 

You may purchase an autograph copy of my book The Journey Of My soul directly from me personally by DM on my IG page. 

My silent Prayer

All followers a moment of silent prayer with me…

Dear lord: 
I come to you on today and everyday in truth, suffering,pain as well as joy. 
I never know which way my mi d will take ;yet you show me the way day by day. 
I ask that you heal me, my loved one’s and this world. Your word is stronger than anything man on earth can produce. 
Shield us in your son’s blood oh lord. Watch over our children lord;
Help us parents to continue to raise our children up in the way they should go and may they never-ever depart from it. 
We may fall oh god. However, you always raise us up in the name of your son, jesus.
I come to you each day in all humility and imperfect ways. 
I pray everyday that you heal me and continue to use me as a vessel oh god. And continue to shed a light to those that are lost in great darkness
In jesus name, amen. 

5- Ways To Emotionally Cleanse Yourself Right Now.

I always seem to have something on my mind

And I ruminiate on things I can’t change. 

Below are 5-waysthat I am learning to…remember I said learning to Emotionally cleanse Yourself.

1. Stop being so hard on yourself, ok you didn’t get everything from the supermarket;look on the bright side…you got something;right.

2. Take a break from social media( do a social media cleanse) trust me, you wont miss much because you were fine back in the day with a tube tv, no cable,no wifi, etc. Go to the library and read a good book. Or magazine.

3. Excercise in moderation. Everything on tv and social media is not real. Excercise for you and your health;no one else.

4. You time! Yes,being alone and getting to know one’s self is a great way to better yourself;and know what you want in or out of your life.

5. Leeches: leeches are what I call the naysayers, positive energy stealer, haters that suck on your life and steal your joy and don’t support your hopes and dreams. These type of people you don’t need in your life. Remember, one person can’t fulfill all your needs. So don’t expect the individual to. This way you will have less let down’s in your life.

©2017-Sharnetha Roberson